Jan 03 2014

To Blanket, or Not to Blanket?

My it is COLD!!! The question now is to blanket, or not to blanket?

I read once that the average horse is pretty comfortable till around 32-40 degrees F.  Our quarter horse was, but our Arabian is a whole other story. He is thin skinned and only seems to grow some baby fuzz. He gets very grumpy when he’s colder than he likes.

So, naturally, we blanket him when the temperature gets around 40 or even 50F.


Other horses at our barn are totally happy without a blanket. The 2 Friesians don’t seem react to the cold, neither does the Shetland and the Mini; but then again, they have luxurious fur coats!

Once you start, you really should stick with it. Don’t just leave the blanket on day after day when the temperature goes up in the 60s and 70s and then down again. At least switch to a lighter blanket, or, take it off altogether for the day and put it back on at night.

If you know your horse and his normal behavior, you will know when it is time to blanket.

Of course, if you clip your horse, you will have to play the game of blanket on, blanket off, switch blankets. You will have no choice…or better said, you made your choice when you decided to clip.

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