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Who Ever Said Dressage Was Easy… Dressage. Oh, when done well is a beautiful dance between horse and rider. The horse and rider are one. The horse seems to intuitively know what the rider wants. The rider just smiles, enjoys and looks between the horses ears and occasionally lets her inside hand quickly slide over […]

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Horses React to Human Heart Rates, Study Finds

by: Nancy Zacks July 01 2009, Article # 14464 from An increase in a human’s heart rate affects the heart rate of the horse they are leading or riding, researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences recently reported. Linda Keeling, PhD, and colleagues tested horses and riders to see if humans inadvertently communicate […]

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Ask And We Will Answer!

If you could ask a 3x Olympic Dressage Coach anything -pertaining Dressage of course- you like, what would it be? This is your chance to get that oone question answered! As a thank you gift we will send you our FREE ebook: ‘What To Do In Time Of Emergency – A Guide and Workbook for […]

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