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Who Ever Said Dressage Was Easy… Dressage. Oh, when done well is a beautiful dance between horse and rider. The horse and rider are one. The horse seems to intuitively know what the rider wants. The rider just smiles, enjoys and looks between the horses ears and occasionally lets her inside hand quickly slide over […]

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Clinic with Jane Weatherwax a Great Success!

Have you had the chance to read the Dressage Letters from the California Dressage Society? The first few pages are filled with praise, thanks and great stories about the dressage¬†Central Amateur Clinic with Jane Weatherwax. The keyword for the weekend was FUN FUN FUN! And according to the testimonials, that was what everybody had. There […]

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Ask And We Will Answer!

If you could ask a 3x Olympic Dressage Coach anything -pertaining Dressage of course- you like, what would it be? This is your chance to get that oone question answered! As a thank you gift we will send you our FREE ebook: ‘What To Do In Time Of Emergency – A Guide and Workbook for […]

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Riding In Your Mind’s Eye

Isn’t it frustrating to hear over and over again that your leg is too far back, or your toes are sticking out again, or you’re hunched over, or perched or ahhhh, it seems you’ll never get it! It feels right what you’re doing. You really don’t notice that you’re looking down. Why can’t you finally […]

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Keeping Your Horse in this Economy…

Today my husband and I discussed many different aspects of the horse business, training, expenses, and the current economy. ¬† Horse sales, like house sales are at an all time low. Who is buying a horse now? If you have a horse for sale, where do you turn? ¬† So many breeders have mares that […]

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