Jul 20 2015

Small Mesh Hay Net

Freedom Feeder™ Small Mesh Hay Net

Makes Feeding Healthy & Easy

The Freedom Feeder

  • Is Your Horse Bored?

  • Chewing Wood?

  • Not As Happy As He could Be?

  • Do You Have to Run Home to Feed Your Horses?

  • Do Your Horses Thrive? Or Could They Do Better?

Those are all legitimate questions and all questions I have asked myself numerous times in the past.

Now there is a solution! You can Free Feed you horses with the Freedom Feeder™ Small Mesh Hay Net and have a peace of mind that your horses can ‘graze’ and have something to do all day long.

No More Boredom! No More Wood Chewing!

No More Running Home or Calling the Neighbors!

We have discovered numerous advantages of the large Freedom Feeder™ Small Mesh Hay net:

  1. No more boredom
  2. No more -or less- wood chewing
  3. Horses are happier
  4. Horses are always ready to go for ride – no need to wait till they’re done eating
  5. Healthier coat
  6. Healthier hooves
  7. Less colicking
  8. Less choking due to eating too fast
  9. Less herd aggression
  10. Peace of mind for the owners – horses always have food in front of them – there are nets in all different sizes, some as big to hold a large round bale!

    I have had both the Freedom Feeder and other brands, and I have to say, you get what you pay for.

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