Aug 14 2009

The Half Halt – How to Put Your Horse On The Bit

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By Jane Savoie

No matter where I travel, the most frequently asked questions I get are, “How do I put my horse on the bit…and how do I keep him there consistently?” This concept baffles many riders. My hope here is to simplify the process for you with the following information.

First, you need to know that there is a SPECIFIC AID to put your horse on the bit just like there is a specific aid to ask for canter or for a leg yield. That aid is a half halt. (Don’t groan…I can hear you!) Continue Reading »

Aug 07 2009

How to Get Your Dressage Horse on the Bit

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How to Get Your Dressage Horse on the Bit
By Jane Savoie

Do you saw left and right on your dressage horse’s mouth or wiggle the bit with both hands to get him “on the bit”.

If you “saw” on your dressage horse’s mouth by alternating squeezing and releasing with your hands, you’re riding your horse from front to back. He might look like he’s “on the bit” because his head is down and his nose is on the vertical, but you don’t have an honest connection from back to front. Continue Reading »

Aug 07 2009

Dressage Horse Humor…

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Aug 07 2009

14 Inch Horse

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Jul 29 2009


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Who Ever Said Dressage Was Easy…

Dressage. Oh, when done well is a beautiful dance between horse and rider. The horse and rider are one. The horse seems to intuitively know what the rider wants. The rider just smiles, enjoys and looks between the horses ears and occasionally lets her inside hand quickly slide over the horse’s withers.

Yeah, right. That is not quite how it goes. Dressage is hard work. Consistent training. Daily exercises and pure commitment. Dressage is a systematic training of the horse & rider.

We are currently in the process of writing a series of articles on the Training Pyramid of Dressage. You can find them, and many other topic on

Jul 29 2009

August Dressage Shows in Kentucky…

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*Cincinnati Dressage Tradition II

August 2, 2009dressage-horse

Judges: Jeff Moore (S, R DSHB), Robin Brueckmann(S), Janet Curtis (S), Wayne Quarles (R)

Roberts Arena, Wilmington OH

Contact Chris Federer: 5982 Ludlum Road, Morrow OH 45152

513.899.3015 or cell 513.833.5081


Summerbird Dressage Test Practice

August 2, 2009

Masterson Station Park (sand arena at top of hill)

Lexington, KY

Contact: Judi Tudor 859.396.6503 or Julie Congleton 859.846.4889

Full details in web ad:



Pine Knoll Center for Integrated Horsemanship – Dressage Clinics with Tom Poulin

August 4-6 and 24-26, 2009

1101 Yarnallton Pike, Lexington, KY

Full details & registration form:


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Jul 10 2009

Mid-Summer Dressage at El Sueno Equestrian Center

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Mid-Summer Dressage at El Sueno Equestrian Center


It’s SHOWTIME once again at

July 25th ~ 26th
Judge:  Beverly Rogers “S”
WE are excited to be bringing another 4STAR show to
El Sueno!
The Stars and Stripes Dressage show was so fun
 We’re doing it again!
Entries close July 12th,
Premium, entry and waiver available at
PARTY hearty with us at the
Rider Welcome Saturday night!
Get your entries in ASAP, limited stabling space.  
 We look forward to seeing you again, for another
Fabulous Weekend!

Jul 05 2009

Do You Know What Is In Your Hay?

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The bulk of most horses’ diets are comprised of hay, yet few people know its nutritional profile.



The only way to find out is to have the hay analyzed.


A hay analysis will reveal any deficiencies or excesses of nutrients as well as the simple sugar content.


Once we know, we can balance out some of these deficiencies or excesses with targeted supplementation.


For most horses it is important to keep the simple sugars to a minimum. Hay can provide a significant amount of these sugars. The only way to find out how much of these sugars our hay has is to analyze it.


Here are some simple steps to get a more consistent feeding schedule for your horses:


Ø       Work with your hay provider and find out if the grower can pass on the results of the analysis – most hay growers will perform an analysis for dairy farmers anyway

Ø       If possible, buy hay in large quantities.

Ø       Do a short study on horse nutrition or call an Equine Nutritional Consultant (email me if you don’t know one, I can send you in the right direction).


Ultimately, we are feeding our horses in the 21st century and we can combine science and art to give our horse the best nutrition without spending a fortune on a myriad of supplements.

Jul 03 2009

Horses React to Human Heart Rates, Study Finds

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July 01 2009, Article # 14464 from

An increase in a human’s heart rate affects the heart rate of the horse they are leading or riding, researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences recently reported.

Linda Keeling, PhD, and colleagues tested horses and riders to see if humans inadvertently communicate fear and anxiety to horses. Using heart rate as a fear indicator, the researchers asked 20 people with varying levels of horse experience to walk and ride 10 horses from Point A to Point B four times. The researchers told participants an umbrella would open as they rode or led the horse on the fourth pass. The umbrella never opened, but heart rates in both horses and humans increased during the fourth trip between the points, when the human expected the umbrella to open.

“The increase in the horses’ heart rates probably means that they are more alert and prepared to react to any potential danger,” Keeling said. “In the wild, horses are adapted to respond to other animals in their group. A startle reaction is more likely when the horse is very alert.”

If you are a nervous person leading or riding a horse, your nervousness might increase the likelihood of the “spook” that you are anxious to avoid.

The study, “Investigating horse-human interactions: the effect of a nervous human,” was published in the July 2009 issue of The Veterinary Journal. The abstract is available on PubMed.

Jul 02 2009

Why Should I Leave My Horse Barefoot?

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To shoe or not to shoe? That is a BIG question.

More and more horsemen and -women are re-thinking their horse’s foot management. Not just here in the US but all over the world. There is a definite grass roots movement and it is growing fast. To read more, check out my newest article at

Jul 02 2009

CDS Calendar – California Dressage July 2009

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Jun 27 2009

Press Release

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Contact: Marnye Langer
Phone: 818.563.3250 ext. 6


June 27, 2009



Ocean Cat Sails to the Win in the $10,000 Woodside Jumper Classic


Helen McNaught and Ocean Cat (Doug & Julie White, owners) sailed to the front of the $10,000 Woodside Jumper Classic held during the Woodside Circuit Opener (June 17-21).  Seven horses posted clear rounds over Danny Foster’s course, and McNaught blazed around the jump off in a time of 42.556, more than two seconds ahead of second place finisher Macella O’Neill and Incandescent (Melanie Rapp, owner).  “She is careful and wants to jump clean,” said McNaught of Ocean Cat, a dark brown ten year old mare.  Julie White brought the mare up through the jumper ranks, and McNaught recently took over the reins.  “She wants to go and jump,” added McNaughton.  “She always has the fastest first round, and then in the jump off I just turn tighter.”

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Jun 02 2009

Clinic with Jane Weatherwax a Great Success!

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Have you had the chance to read the Dressage Letters from the California Dressage Society?

The first few pages are filled with praise, thanks and great stories about the dressage Central Amateur Clinic with Jane Weatherwax. The keyword for the weekend was FUN FUN FUN! And according to the testimonials, that was what everybody had.

There were horses of all ages; 4-20 yrs old, and of course riders of all ages and abilities. Jane had a wide variety of teams to work with.

The initial introduction session was Thursday night t the Gilmore’s home, right after a potluck dinner. Jane mentioned that she’s very big on straightness, haunches to poll and she said that nothing should ever shorten a horse’s neck; as we go up the levels, the horse’s wheel base shortens and the back comes up, but the neck doesn’t shorten. She would also focus on the effective use of the rider’s legs and body and help us to let go and allow our horses to do their job and help us realize that our horses have trained us as well as we have trained them!

Jane was very encouraging, she is light hearted, full of wit and made sure we all had FUN!

Participants from all different CDS chapters were present; LA, Tehachapi Mountain, Fresno, Santa Barbara, Carmel Valley, Gavilan, Kaweah, Santa Ynez, San Luis Obispo, High Desert, San Diego, Pomona, and Palos Verdes!

Everyone went home a better rider and thankful to their chapter and CDS!

May 27 2009

Dressage Shows in California for June 2009

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JUN 5-6


JUN 6-7


JUN  6-7


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May 21 2009

California Dressage Shows – San Diego Chapter


In the Dressage letters from the CDS you can find a lot of the dressage shows listed for California.

I will try to list as many of the shows as I can on an ongoing basis:

Dressage in June

When              Jun 5 – 6 2009

Where             Southern California Equestrian Center, Temecula, CA (map)

Description     (formerly Galway Downs) Judge is Alexsandra Howard (S) Details at


Creek Hollow Ranch Summer Fun Dressage Show

When              Jun 20 – 21 2009

Where             Creek Hollow Ranch, 26131 Old Julian Highway, Ramona, CA (map)



San Marcos Dressage Show at Legacy Farms

WhenJun         27 – 28 2009

Where             Legacy Farms, 2635 N. Twin Oaks Valley Road, San Marcos, CA (map)

Description     Judge TBA


Regional AA Competition LAEC

When              Jul 4 – 5 2009

Where             Los Angeles Equestrian Center, Burbank, CA (map)

Description     More info at: Qualifying forms at:


Creek Hollow Ranch July Jubilee Dressage Show

When              Jul 11 – 12 2009

Where             Creek Hollow Ranch, 26131 Old Julian Highway, Ramona, CA (map)



San Marcos Dressage Show at Legacy Farms

When              Aug 1 – 2 2009

Where             Legacy Farms, 2635 N. Twin Oaks Valley Road, San Marcos, CA (map)

Description     Judge Gail Hoff-Carmona

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