Sep 19 2012

How To Find A Boarding Stable for Your Horse

We just moved from California to Louisville, KY! Horse country…but in the city. So…How to find a boarding stable for your horse? After having had our horses at home for so long, what do I look for in a barn?

  1. What is important, not so important and not important at all?
  2. How do you transition a horse from living on dirt, to being on pasture -all the time or even part time?
  3. How do you safely change a horse over from the feed he’s so used to (Bermuda hay in California) to whatever they have here (Kentucky bluegrass?)?
  4. How do you integrate a horse into a new ‘herd’?
  5. Is it important that the barn owner lives on the premises?
  6. And…how do you choose a transport firm?

Any ideas? Suggestions? Please submit your comments. It will help so many others too, not just me!


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