Jul 05 2009


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Transitioning from Traditional to Natural


Here we will chronicle the transition from traditional hoof care and steel shoes to the natural barefoot hoof with Mikey and Eddie.

LF Eddie 6-29-09 Before Trim

LF Eddie 6-29-09 Before Trim



6/28/09         Eddie – He did great in the Dressage Show – got a first place with 63.6 and a third place with 60.0. Two qualifying scores at his first show of the year, second dressage show ever! Not bad. Kudos to Kalina and Eddie.


During the last couple of weeks of June we started noticing an occasional trip again. Just like last year. My gut feeling said to take off his shoes and leave them off; at least for a while. So, on the 29th we took his shoes off and noticed that he had some separation, or stretched lamina on his front feet. His feet were a little long.


LF Eddie 6-29-09 After

LF Eddie 6-29-09 After

It had been the usual 8 weeks since the last shoeing, but this time we used Wunderhoof to get some more growth. I have to say, it works!




6-29-09        I could (and maybe should) have called the farrier to come sooner, but we were trying to decide whether to go ‘natural’ or keep shoes on him. Not an easy decision at all.  But once we saw the separation, we all (my husband and our friend) thought it would be best to keep them off at least till that problem was corrected.

RF Eddie 6-29-09 Before Trim

RF Eddie 6-29-09 Before Trim

The bars were laid over and pushing on his walls a little, Mike and Melissa worked on his hooves conservatively and got things to a point where if we wanted to put shoes on within the next couple of weeks, we could.



One goal in the natural trim is to get the bars to come upright again and be part of the hoof wall.


I am looking into Ground Control shoes and wonder if they could be a good alternative. They are shock absorbing and allow the hoof to flex.

That afternoon after we soaked his feet for 5 hours in colloidal silver


6/30/09         My daughter rode him in a lesson. He did great. A little ouchie when stepping on occasional rocks – but that is not alarming.


7/1/09          Had a nice ride again. No problem at all.

RF Eddie 6-29-09 After

RF Eddie 6-29-09 After



7/2/09          Lesson on Eddie; I noticed that at the trot he was putting his feet down heel first! That means he is not in pain and gets plenty of frog pressure. That is important to heal the frog (thrush) and get the blood pumping again.



7-4-09          Eddie is doing great. We decided against the ground control boots. Our farrier said he did not like them at all. They tend to come loose. I do not want Eddie to step on a loose shoe and get the nails in his soles.


We will get him some Renegade Hoof boots in stead and wear those on the trail and on the way to the lessons. In the dressage arena and in his paddock he can be barefoot.


Time to do the mustang roll – I’ll have to remind Mike!

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