Jul 20 2015

Himalayan Horse Salt

Healthy Nutrition, One Lick at a Time

Why Himalayan Salt Licks Are So Much Better For Your Horse:

  • Good Nutrition – Himalayan Salt is good, heart-healthy salt.  Regular Salt blocks have had the goodness baked out of them – Himalayan salt has not.  Our Arabian much prefers this over any other salt.
  • It’s Convenient – No more lugging around 50 lbs of uncooperative pressed blocks that hurt your fingers, back or whatever body part they hit when you drop it. They are easier to take with you to shows or trail rides – wherever your next adventure takes you.
  • It’s Long Lasting – even when exposed to weather, these blocks last much longer than old-fashioned pressed blocks.
  • They Double as a Toy – our horse loves to lick a little, drink a little, eat a little. It keeps him occupied.
  • They are extremely healthy for your livestock  “Regular” salt blocks are still essentially Sodium Chloride, Himalayan Salt is prized for its purported nutritional profile as it contains a high number of essential minerals. Its crystals are easily absorbed into the system, using little energy and only a fraction of water, leaving plenty of energy for what you REALLY want him to use it for – playing with you!
  • They are rock hard, so your horse CAN NOT eat it – he licks it.

Your horse will LOVE YOU for it!

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