Jan 03 2014

Heated Water Buckets

Water is the most important thing your horse needs.  Heated water buckets are a must for cold areas.

There is nothing more frustrating than to get to the barn and finding out that all the buckets are frozen – again!

If your horse can’t drink, the danger of colic is imminent! When eating hay, pellets, cubes, your horse needs lots of water to digest. Not enough water can result in impaction and colic. At the least that will be an expensive vet bill, at the worst, your horse may die.


There are many options to choose from.  5 gallon flat back buckets,  16 gallon heated tubs,  cast aluminum floating plastic stock tank de-icers, and submerged stock tank de-icers. Choose the one that makes most sense to your setup, horse, and climate.  Shop around. Sometimes you may even find one on Craigslist!

Make sure your horse cannot chew the cord and water stays out of the plug/cord.

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