Jul 20 2015

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Small Mesh Hay Net

Freedom Feeder™ Small Mesh Hay Net Makes Feeding Healthy & Easy Is Your Horse Bored? Chewing Wood? Not As Happy As He could Be? Do You Have to Run Home to Feed Your Horses? Do Your Horses Thrive? Or Could They Do Better? Those are all legitimate questions and all questions I have asked myself […]

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Heated Water Buckets

Water is the most important thing your horse needs.  Heated water buckets are a must for cold areas. There is nothing more frustrating than to get to the barn and finding out that all the buckets are frozen – again! If your horse can’t drink, the danger of colic is imminent! When eating hay, pellets, […]

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Do You Know What Is In Your Hay?

The bulk of most horses’ diets are comprised of hay, yet few people know its nutritional profile.     The only way to find out is to have the hay analyzed.   A hay analysis will reveal any deficiencies or excesses of nutrients as well as the simple sugar content.   Once we know, we […]

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