Jan 03 2014

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Heated Water Buckets

Water is the most important thing your horse needs.  Heated water buckets are a must for cold areas. There is nothing more frustrating than to get to the barn and finding out that all the buckets are frozen – again! If your horse can’t drink, the danger of colic is imminent! When eating hay, pellets, […]

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August Dressage Shows in Kentucky…

  *Cincinnati Dressage Tradition II August 2, 2009 Judges: Jeff Moore (S, R DSHB), Robin Brueckmann(S), Janet Curtis (S), Wayne Quarles (R) Roberts Arena, Wilmington OH Contact Chris Federer: 5982 Ludlum Road, Morrow OH 45152 513.899.3015 or cell 513.833.5081   Summerbird Dressage Test Practice August 2, 2009 Masterson Station Park (sand arena at top […]

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