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Dressage Tests

Dressage Season is in full swing! I had the honor of being a scribe for the Dressage Judge this past Sunday at a Horse Show at Black Horse Stables. It has been a while since I did this, so I had to get into the swing of it. All the tests were different (or I didn’t […]

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Small Mesh Hay Net

Freedom Feeder™ Small Mesh Hay Net Makes Feeding Healthy & Easy Is Your Horse Bored? Chewing Wood? Not As Happy As He could Be? Do You Have to Run Home to Feed Your Horses? Do Your Horses Thrive? Or Could They Do Better? Those are all legitimate questions and all questions I have asked myself […]

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Himalayan Horse Salt

Healthy Nutrition, One Lick at a Time Why Himalayan Salt Licks Are So Much Better For Your Horse: Good Nutrition – Himalayan Salt is good, heart-healthy salt.  Regular Salt blocks have had the goodness baked out of them – Himalayan salt has not.  Our Arabian much prefers this over any other salt. It’s Convenient – No more lugging […]

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