Jul 22 2015

Dressage Tests

Dressage Season is in full swing!

I had the honor of being a scribe for the Dressage Judge this past Sunday at a Horse Show at Black Horse Stables.


Showing Off

It has been a while since I did this, so I had to get into the swing of it. All the tests were different (or I didn’t quite remember them anymore ;)) and I had forgotten all the abbreviations necessary to keep up with the judge’s remarks! Especially the Western Dressage tests needed full concentration and a very quick hand!

I can watch horses all day long, I love dressage, and hearing all the judge’s opinions first hand was a real treat.

I remember my first dressage test. I practiced, and studied it, and did all I could to learn it by heart. My daughter, a Pony Clubber at the time, put together a dressage arena in the living room with all the letters and had me walk, trot, and canter the tests. Still, I opted for a caller — just in case. It put me at ease and allowed me to focus on my horse and me instead of being nervous about forgetting the next gait or pattern.

You can easily download the tests from the United States Dressage Federation’s ( USDF) website here.

Have a great ride!

Monique – so many horses to ride, so little time

Jul 20 2015

Small Mesh Hay Net

Freedom Feeder™ Small Mesh Hay Net

Makes Feeding Healthy & Easy

The Freedom Feeder

  • Is Your Horse Bored?

  • Chewing Wood?

  • Not As Happy As He could Be?

  • Do You Have to Run Home to Feed Your Horses?

  • Do Your Horses Thrive? Or Could They Do Better?

Those are all legitimate questions and all questions I have asked myself numerous times in the past.

Now there is a solution! You can Free Feed you horses with the Freedom Feeder™ Small Mesh Hay Net and have a peace of mind that your horses can ‘graze’ and have something to do all day long. Continue Reading »

Jul 20 2015

Himalayan Horse Salt

Healthy Nutrition, One Lick at a Time

Why Himalayan Salt Licks Are So Much Better For Your Horse:

  • Good Nutrition – Himalayan Salt is good, heart-healthy salt.  Regular Salt blocks have had the goodness baked out of them – Himalayan salt has not.  Our Arabian much prefers this over any other salt.
  • It’s Convenient – No more lugging around 50 lbs of uncooperative pressed blocks that hurt your fingers, back or whatever body part they hit when you drop it. They are easier to take with you to shows or trail rides – wherever your next adventure takes you.
  • It’s Long Lasting – even when exposed to weather, these blocks last much longer than old-fashioned pressed blocks.
  • They Double as a Toy – our horse loves to lick a little, drink a little, eat a little. It keeps him occupied.
  • They are extremely healthy for your livestock  “Regular” salt blocks are still essentially Sodium Chloride, Himalayan Salt is prized for its purported nutritional profile as it contains a high number of essential minerals. Its crystals are easily absorbed into the system, using little energy and only a fraction of water, leaving plenty of energy for what you REALLY want him to use it for – playing with you!
  • They are rock hard, so your horse CAN NOT eat it – he licks it.

Your horse will LOVE YOU for it!

Sep 26 2014

OTTB: The Mechanics of the Horse’s Leg

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Here is a dissection of a front leg of a Thoroughbred to study the extreme pressure that is put on the leg and tendons during a race. Very interesting!

God created this animal with perfection!

The Horse’s Leg: An Amazing Work of Biological Creation!

Jan 03 2014

Heated Water Buckets

Water is the most important thing your horse needs.  Heated water buckets are a must for cold areas.

There is nothing more frustrating than to get to the barn and finding out that all the buckets are frozen – again!

If your horse can’t drink, the danger of colic is imminent! When eating hay, pellets, cubes, your horse needs lots of water to digest. Not enough water can result in impaction and colic. At the least that will be an expensive vet bill, at the worst, your horse may die.


There are many options to choose from.  5 gallon flat back buckets,  16 gallon heated tubs,  cast aluminum floating plastic stock tank de-icers, and submerged stock tank de-icers. Choose the one that makes most sense to your setup, horse, and climate.  Shop around. Sometimes you may even find one on Craigslist!

Make sure your horse cannot chew the cord and water stays out of the plug/cord.

Jan 03 2014

To Blanket, or Not to Blanket?

My it is COLD!!! The question now is to blanket, or not to blanket?

I read once that the average horse is pretty comfortable till around 32-40 degrees F.  Our quarter horse was, but our Arabian is a whole other story. He is thin skinned and only seems to grow some baby fuzz. He gets very grumpy when he’s colder than he likes.

So, naturally, we blanket him when the temperature gets around 40 or even 50F.


Other horses at our barn are totally happy without a blanket. The 2 Friesians don’t seem react to the cold, neither does the Shetland and the Mini; but then again, they have luxurious fur coats!

Once you start, you really should stick with it. Don’t just leave the blanket on day after day when the temperature goes up in the 60s and 70s and then down again. At least switch to a lighter blanket, or, take it off altogether for the day and put it back on at night.

If you know your horse and his normal behavior, you will know when it is time to blanket.

Of course, if you clip your horse, you will have to play the game of blanket on, blanket off, switch blankets. You will have no choice…or better said, you made your choice when you decided to clip.

Sep 19 2012

How To Find A Boarding Stable for Your Horse

We just moved from California to Louisville, KY! Horse country…but in the city. So…How to find a boarding stable for your horse? After having had our horses at home for so long, what do I look for in a barn?

  1. What is important, not so important and not important at all?
  2. How do you transition a horse from living on dirt, to being on pasture -all the time or even part time?
  3. How do you safely change a horse over from the feed he’s so used to (Bermuda hay in California) to whatever they have here (Kentucky bluegrass?)?
  4. How do you integrate a horse into a new ‘herd’?
  5. Is it important that the barn owner lives on the premises?
  6. And…how do you choose a transport firm?

Any ideas? Suggestions? Please submit your comments. It will help so many others too, not just me!


Sep 17 2012

Keeping Up With Our Horse Habit…

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Horses are expensive. Period. And Keeping up with our horse habit with the economy at an all-time low is hard. Hay costs over 3x more now than 12 years ago! Money doesn’t go quite as far and with less money to go around, we take fewer lessons, and go to fewer shows…and sometimes we stop supplementing our horse’s feed.

Last year I found out about some natural, green, all American products and totally fell in love with them. I can use my household cleaning products, mix them up and use as a safe fly spray…and they work great. Some products I use on their feet, others for effective and natural wound care, and again others to control the ammonia odor in the stalls.

They have a dog shampoo that my dog loves… it gently cleans and deodorizes without irritation to keep your pet looking clean and healthy and feeling incredibly soft. They also have ‘Skin & Coat’ Treats and ‘Hip & Joint’ Treats for dogs.

For us humans they have over 300 every day products; from cookies and crackers to very effective sports nutrition used by people like me and Olympians alike.

So why am I writing about this?

Well, since I fell in love with these products I referred some of my friends to shop with this company too…and I started receiving checks. I have been getting nice checks that continue to grow….just for sharing and helping others open their shopping account.

I need to expand my business and I am looking for a few key players. A few business partners to work closely together with toward a common goal: Financial Freedom.

Think about it. What if you could have it all: Physical Wellness, Financial Wellness, Environmental Wellness & Personal Wellness. That would give you time and money to ride, play, vacation, invest and take of your family too.

So, to get started in the process, your next step would be to fill out the form below and indicate the best time and day to contact you. We will then schedule a phone interview.

Powered byEMF Contact Form

Oct 03 2009

Great Coupon for, Stateline Tack &!

Get ready for the cold weather and check out the complete line of horse blankets, specifically the Saxon brand with exclusive colors and patterns that can only be found on

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Get Ready for Winter for Less!

Cold weather riding apparel is the hot product for the month of October. Buy  fleece lined breeches, sweatshirts, and jackets for the best price available now.

And just like, State Line Tack is also running the Zimecterin Gold Dewormer deals – customers receive a $3 rebate when the buy 6 tubes.

October Coupon: $25 Gift Card with Purchase of $125 or more

Shop for “spooktacular” savings on dog Halloween costumes and toys. You can save up to 70% in our Halloween Shoppe – Dog Halloween Costumes and Toys up to 70% Off

Make sure you are ready for winter with warm dog clothes and beds designed to keep dogs comfortable on those cool autumn nights.

Lastly, enter your dog into the Cutest Dog Competition – with a chance to win the grand prize of $1 million.

October Coupon: $20 off orders of $100 or more at (some restrictions apply)

Sep 26 2009




CLICK HERE to contact Show Management




Hi All!

Win Fall Dressage in Santa Barbara Oct 17-18, with Judge Pamela M. Nelson “S” from Hollister is in full swing and guaranteed to be a blast! 2009winfallcover


The premium is up on our websites


Entry form deadline is October 4th.


Be sure to register for the “UN-Dressage Test” Costume Class Saturday (walk-trot, we’ll have the test up on the website later this week).  The idea in this test is to present yourself and your horse in costume and exhibit everything that is not customary in Dressage.  The top 3 riders from this class will advance to the Ride-Off Class on Sunday for the Finale ~ Champion and Reserve Champion will ride their victory lap in costume.  I’m confident the media will be there to get great shots of this fun event!


Bring your friends for a fabulous weekend in Santa Barbara ~ we can all get a jump on our scores for 2010 with Pam Nelson!


Plan on joining us for the Costume PARTY Saturday early evening with wine and hors d’oeuvres in the Show Office, prizes for the best costumes.


I hope you all can make it – if there’s anything else you need, just holler !!



Gina & Suzi


Gina G. von der Burg, Show Manager

805.448.2510 Gina

Suzi Kuykendall, Show Secretary

818.269.2911 Suzi phone/fax

Sep 23 2009

Large Small Mesh Haynets Now Available

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Check out our newest product available at PerformingHorse .com

Remember, a while ago I posted about these nets ( and now, after extensive testing and trying, we have them available on our site here. Just click on the page link ‘Small Mesh Haynet’ above and see for yourself.

The best thing?

Oh, there are several but we don’t have to be home at a certain time to feed!

Freedom is something to be treasured!

Sep 22 2009

Equine Affaire – Pomona California

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Last year I totally missed the Equine Affaire in Pomona, CA because I simply realized too late that it was coming up!
Bummer! I would have loved to go.
So, I emailed them and offered my help in getting the word out. That way, I was sure to know in time when the next show will be.
Today I got a large envelope in the mail with all the info and I will share it with you here.

The dates are set for February 4-7, 2010
At Fairplex, Pomona, California

The Equine Affaire is a unique celebration of the horse offering unparalleled educational & shopping opportunities plus Breed, Youth, & Trail Riding Pavilions.

There are many clinics conducted by many of the nation’s foremost trainers, coaches, and competitors including

  1. Craig Cameron – General Training & Horsemanship

    Are You Ready?

    Are You Ready?

  2. Stacy Westfall – Reining & General Training
  3. Tommy Garland – C.P.R. Horsemanship
  4. Ken McNabb – Discovering the Horseman Within
  5. Barbra Schulte – Cutting & General Training
  6. Richard Winters – Colt Starting & General Training
  7. Jan Ebeling – Dressage
  8. Nich Karazissis – Hunters & Jumpers
  9. Hardy Zantke – Driving
  10. Mark Shaffer – Western Pleasure
  11. Sharon Camarillo – Barrel Racing & Pole Bending
  12. Larry Whitesell – Easy Gaited Horses
  13. Daniel Stewart – Ride Right
  14. Scot Hansen – Trail Riding & Mounted Police training

Of course, presenters and topics are subject to change.

Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Race will return to the Equine Affaire once again and interested riders must apply in advanced to compere for $4,250 in cash and other prizes.

The 4 days will be filled with seminars and demonstrations by industry experts on an arrya of topics relevant to all horse enthusiasts. There will be more than 100 seminars & hands-on demonstration ate the seminar stage and two demo rings will cove a wide variety of horse management, health, training and (trail) riding topics.

The Equine Affaire’s Trade Show is one-of-kind where you can find everything you will ever need for your horse, barn,  and yourself.

In the Breed Pavilion you will find many different breeds show cased by their associations and breeders.

The Youth Pavilion is a special place for the young horse lovers among us. There will be plenty of horse related activities for kids to learn from and have fun with.


More information can be found at

Aug 30 2009

7 Tips for Dressage Training an Arab…

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Is there a difference in training a Warmblood or a Quarter horse or even an Arabian in Dressage? I learned about that over the last couple of years. My daughter is the luckiest girl when it comes to her dressage coach. Until a couple of years ago, she had mainly trained children and adults for dressage on Warmbloods and Quarterhorses but since we had this cute little Arabian horse which was so ready to come to work and totally green, she decided to take him on.

Here are some main challenges in training hot blooded horses for dressage, versus Warmbloods and even Quarterhorses:



img_65101. Keep your Arab working at least a little 5 -7 days a week. Don’t let him hang out and get too energetic. They are hard to bring down and focus once they are excited.

2. While you can train a Warmblood over and over again on the same exercise, an Arab needs different excercises to keep him interested. After you practice something 4 or 5 times, you really need to do something else for a while – preferably before his brain is fried and he decides it’s time to go home.

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Aug 28 2009

Cleaning Stalls at the Barn – for Money…

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That is money you pay for this privelege! Wow! I never would have come up with this idea. Read the following post I found on an Ebay Neighborhood Post:cleaningstalls31

“We have a stables nearby that “allows” the public to come and clean out stalls and brush horses for $25.00. So you can pretend it is your own horse. $25.00 each visit. And it is working…people are flocking to the stables.
Just a thought… “

Aug 15 2009

WEG – World Equestrian Games 2010…

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Like the Olympic Games, the World Equestrian Games are held every 4 years right in between the Olympics and are governed by the FEI – the Fédération Equestre Internationale. There are championships for 8 disciplines:


  1. Dressage
  2. Driving
  3. Endurance
  4. Eventing
  5. Jumping
  6. Para Dressage
  7. Reining
  8. Vaulting


The last games were held in Aachen, Germany in 2006 and high caliber dressage riders like Anky van Grunsven (gold) and Andreas Helgstrand swept away the audience with their breath taking Freestyle Performances.

In reining there was a final runoff between Tim McQuay for the US (silver) and Duane Latimer for Canada (gold). Megan Benjamin won the Gold Medal in vaulting.


The 2010 World Equestrian Games are planned for Kentucky and the organization is in full swing. The company responsible for the organization is Alltech and is the main sponsor of the games. Alltech is one of the leading animal health companies in the world with a large range of natural products and solutions for the feed industry. The scope of organization needed is enormous. You can imagine the amount of people –and horses- from all over the world coming to Kentucky in September 2010.


With only 406 days to go, we’ll be following the development and line-up closely.

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